Best of the Web 28 Jul

Story & Structure

:: The Four Best Ways To Add Character Depth
:: Screenplay Review – Labor Day
:: Creating Suspense & Dread
:: Amateur Friday – Commute

Script Perfection

:: 10 Screenplay Tips From The Greatest Sports Movie Ever – ‘Hoosiers!’
:: Q&A: The Writing Process
:: Interview – “The Conjuring” Screenwriters
:: Scriptnotes | Episode 99

Pitching & Selling

:: Some Scripts Are Perfectly Good Reads, But Aren’t Any Good on the Set…
:: Script Options and Sales
:: Warner Bros. – Black List Partnership
:: Older Intern?

Best of the Rest

:: Writers: You Might Be Doing It Wrong If…
:: WGA’s Greatest TV Shows of All Time
:: Young Adult… Not Just For The Young Adults… Or Is It?
:: Interview: Jay Eden — Part 1
:: Shouldn’t a Writer Figure out the Craft on Their Own?
:: Bryan Cranston Goes Russian in First ‘Cold Comes the Night’ Trailer

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