Preminger’s Laura: In Love With A Score

As a student I lived only a 25min train trip away from the Brussels “Cinematek”, once hailed by Martin Scorsese as the world’s best cinema repository. Among the half dozen classics screened daily, Otto Preminger’s Laura would pop up at least once a year. I watched it; and I loved it. Soon after I first watched … Read more

How the Antagonist Affects Character Arc

We often think of the antagonist as an external obstacle to our protagonist’s forward motion. by K.M. Weiland The antagonist is usually a physical entity, something standing in the way of our protagonists’ ability to achieve their physical goals and perhaps even threatening our protagonists’ lives or their physical well-being. Consequently, it can be easy … Read more

Best of the Web 10 Mar

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Best of the Web 20 Jan

Story & Structure :: Bad Guy Protagonist and ‘Dexter’ :: Act II: Arguing for a Narrative Question with a Positive Purpose :: Four Ways to Control Your Script’s Budget Without Compromising the Film Script Perfection :: Interview: Argo Screenwriter Chris Terrio :: 20 Great Writers on the Art of Revision :: Character Evolution Requires a … Read more