How To Write Compelling Antagonists

Other than your protagonist, your antagonist is going to be the most important active force in your story. by K.M. Weiland The antagonist doesn’t have to be a person. It could be weather, circumstances, or the protagonist’s inner self. But, more often than not, the antagonist takes the form of a person. And crafting that … Read more

Why Protagonists Must Have Some Virtues

In my past essays I have explained how Australian feature film stories could be improved by paying attention to originality, substance, and universal themes.  Today I will focus on another consistent weakness I see in Australian features:  Central characters who are unimpressive, unheroic, and quite often dubious. by Steven Fernandez Some writers may try to … Read more

Killing Them Softly: How A Screenwriter Murdered His Own Protagonist

Killing Them Softly: How A Screenwriter Murdered His Own Protagonist Character Analysis by Jamie Wynen Andrew Dominik’s (The Assassination of Jesse James, Chopper)  latest film is an adaptation of the novel 1973 crime novel Cogan’s Trade, starring Brad Pitt as the excitingly dangerous Jackie Cogan, Animal Kingdom veteran Ben Mendelsohn, and the implausibly named Scoot McNairy. … Read more

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