Best o/t Web 5 Sep

:: Carson Reeves is impressed with Drive
:: Original Synopsis for Close Encounters for download
:: The Ultimate Guide to 20 Classic SF Shows
:: Scripts for Piranha 3-D and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
:: Sci-Fi in September: Charlie Jane Anders’ Guide
:: All Roads Lead To Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell
:: Alexandra Sokoloff on the subplot pass
:: New ozzy site to strengthen industry by strengthening ideas
:: Indiewire’s Top 20 Indie Movies of the 2000’s (via Scott Myers)
:: Part 2 of the Steven Spielberg profile (Flickering Myth)
:: How To Get An Agent? (success not guaranteed)
:: Repeaters: more low budget sci-fi time travel
:: Ron Moore will make Harry Potter fans happy on TV
:: The Art of Napoleon Dynamite‘s Title Sequence
What you need to know about the Protag

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Best o/t Web 27 Jun

:: Toy Story 3: It’s about people
:: Pixar Wars (fun)
:: Screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky and his craft.
:: The grammar game: how to win.
:: Make your protagonist suffer the most.
:: A screenwriter’s survival kit.
:: New home, new look  for Hollywood Roaster
:: Listen, work, use your imagination.
:: The conflict requires the plan.
:: James Manos lessons at Banff.
:: The Best Movies Never Made
:: SciFi movies for 2011
:: 35th Anniversary of Jaws

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Is screenwriting for me? (2)

Our series of guest posts is opening up to the readers, so it is now your turn. In his contribution to The Story Department, aspiring screenwriter Terrence ponders over the question that has bugged all of us some time: “Is screenwriting for me?” Read Part 1 here. As much as I loved it for its … Read more