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Story & Structure

:: Three’s a Crowd: Multi-protagonist Stories
:: 10 Secrets to Creating Unforgettable Supporting Characters
:: Great Character: Arthur Edens (“Michael Clayton”)
:: Screenplay Review – Norm The Movie
Act Structure By Minute? 

Script Perfection

:: Screenwriting Tips: “Write What You Know” Doesn’t Mean…
:: Breaking In: Are Screenwriters “Born This Way”?
:: Dialogue and Dialog
:: “Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?”

Pitching & Selling

:: Is the Hollywood Remake Dead?
:: New Line Hires Relative Newcomer to Pen ‘Rampage’ Movie

Best of the Rest

:: The Best Drama on TV
:: Django Unchained is About Half Way Done
:: Can Film-makers Ever Play it Fair When it Comes to Depicting War?

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