Courses, Books & Consults Won’t Cut It.

In addition to working with writers, producers and agencies everywhere, I teach screenwriting courses at film schools in Australia, Europe and online. The school gigs largely consist of lecturing about screenwriting theory, and consulting on the students’ screenplays. I love teaching, I adore my students, and I’m fortunate enough to see some good results, as … Read more

Ozzywood to Hollywood – 5

Silence. Professionalism. Action… (Part 5) So here I am about to approach three years in L.A. (June 10 to be exact) and I feel the need to share my journey once again despite completely falling off the radar for well over a year with this confronting piece of my Hollywood sojourn. As I look back, … Read more

Are You A Reader Of Screenplays Or A Watcher Of Movies?

Some respected screenwriting gurus claim that you should read and study as many screenplays as possible. It doesn’t matter if the film was a success or a flop: you learn either way. I agree. But more importantly, you should watch and analyze the movies. For years, I blindly followed this dogma, as it seemed to … Read more

Make Sure Your Movie Is A Road Movie

In my Hero’s Journey classes I explain how in great movies, any form of movement is full of meaning.  Too many writers don’t understand how to handle movement. And really, if you don’t write movement, you’re not writing a movie. by Karel Segers A chase is never just a chase. Have you noticed that the … Read more

Best o/t Web 4 Jul

:: Toy Story 3’s Michael Arndt on Unkrich original project
:: How to become … Michael Arndt (or similar)
:: Interview with Lee Unkrich and Darla Anderson
:: Where the Toy Story 3 trash bag idea originated
:: Toy Story: “The overarching story is about change”
:: How Pixar built Toy Story 3
:: The development of the Toy Story saga

In other news:
:: Even when there’s no way, you believe.
:: Writing a script, first draft.
:: Should you pay for notes?
:: The unconventional Shawshank Redemption.
:: Five ways your writing ends up on the screen.
:: Script in a minute.
:: Showbiz terminology, a cheat sheet.
:: Story for free!
:: Vince Gilligan at BANFF.
:: M. Night, gossip fills seats.
:: Elements of act two: the midpoint.

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