Best o/t Web 21 Feb 10

:: Independent film, the new horizons.
:: Why companies toss your spec script.
:: Using dialect in your script, and how to go about it.
:: “Descent”, what makes it genuinely scary.
:: Three-act-structure, a review.
:: How do you know if your screenplay is original?
:: Characters in your script, when to name names.
:: 2009: The top 10 shots in movies.
:: Playing with emotions: writing for acting.
:: Marketing matters: should you mention your script was optioned?
:: You want to reboot Terminator? Here’s how!
:: James Cameron is penning an Avatar prequel
:: Download: the script of The Full Monty
:: Can Polanski’s The Ghost Writer outlive Tony Blair?
:: Trailer for the A-Team movie
:: How to handle multiple protagonists?
:: The Dream Journal


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Best of Mystery Man on Monday
Karen Pearlman on ‘Making our Myths’



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