Movie Moment: Blade Runner – Meeting The Maker

Rarely does a memorable movie scene lack the main character; this one does. And Blade Runner lacks a lot more… like a plot that works. Despite all the hype before and after the release, the movie was a commercial disaster, grossing only $14m in 1982. by Karel Segers Rarely does a memorable movie scene lack … Read more

Alien: Sex in deep space

With a prequel to the 1979 hit flick Alien directed by Ridley Scott in the works, Bryn Tilly re-opens the case on the original film and dissects what is brooding under its surface… “The people who made the first Alien were artists, Ridley Scott, Giger, the writers – they invented everything. The rest of us … Read more

Structure: Thelma & Louise

I am a fan of Ridley Scott’s flamboyant visual style of filmmaking. Although he has had numerous box office successes, in my view he has never equalled the overall excellence of THELMA & LOUISE (1991). It is a fabulous movie and an outstanding debut script by first-timer Callie Khouri. Here is an attempt to analyse … Read more

Creative Master Ron Cobb

The Story Dept. is proud to be part of the first Creative Masters Forum DVD: “Ron Cobb: Concept to Creation” Karel Segers interviews the legendary writer/director, designer, concept artist Ron Cobb about his life, his cartoons, his views on cinema, science-fiction and the future. Ron also shares his experience about working on genre-defining and defying … Read more