[Video]: THR Producer Roundtable

‘Everything that could go wrong was going wrong, I was sort of dead man walking in Hollywood, like, yeah that guy’s getting fired… and on the other hand, everything about the movie was great… the only decision I ever really made was to say ‘keep going.’ That our only hope of coming out alive was to make a great movie… we never cut back a penny on the quality of the movie.’

Producers are both revered and maligned in the industry – described as both facilitators and gatekeepers, enablers and note-givers. But they’re some of the hardest working people on the team, navigating the money and the politics that makes everything else possible.

The Hollywood Reporter sits down with six top awards season filmmakers — Peter Chernin, Eric Fellner, John Lesher (Birdman), Marc Platt, Cathleen Sutherland (Boyhood) and Emma Thomas (Interstellar).

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