The Force Awakens – Screenplay Analysis

THE FORCE AWAKENS – LOGLINE: An orphaned scavenger and a cowardly defector become the unlikely guardians of the location of Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi alive and the last hope for the Republic to defeat the sinister First Order who have risen from the ashes of the Empire. WRITERS: Lawrence Kasdan, JJ Abrams & Micheal Arndt. SCRIPT … Read more

Screenwriting: from Fail to Sale (5/5)

As a final note on screenwriting, one of the places I’ve learnt the MOST about this craft from is from READING unproduced screenplays. ‘Unproduced’ is the operative word here, there’s little point to reading a produced screenplay, it’s like reading The Lord of The Rings AFTER seeing the movie. (Note from Karel: Some of this … Read more

Screenwriting: from Fail to Sale (4/5)

There’s this notion among screenwriters that if a plot point doesn’t work, you can brush over it, I’ve done it a bunch of times, why? Because we see plot points in great films that just don’t work and we forgive them. By Samuel Bartlett The Law of Causation So why not forgive my little lack … Read more

Screenwriting: from Fail to Sale (3/5)

Two years back a friend said to me, why don’t you enter some of your scripts into scripts comps. Phooey, I thought, (yes I thought Phooey – great word huh, so under used.) -By Samuel Bartlett PART THREE – THE TRUTH ABOUT COMPS I conjured images of those competitions you find in supermarkets where all … Read more