The 2-Act Structure [Because You Write The Rules]

In an earlier post I warned you about the 2-Act Structure. If none of the structural paradigms offered by the gurus work for you, why don’t you create your own? Here is mine. Every structure model is academic. There really are no rules. Instead, these systems are merely tools to allow us to communicate about … Read more

[Video]: Karel on A Girl And A Gun

The Story Department’s very own Karel Segers features on filmmaking webseries A Girl And A Gun with filmmaker Phil Moore to talk culture, script and the insider’s guide to getting a script sold at 17 years old. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you know of a … Read more

Brace Yourself, Screenwriter! It’s The Come-Back Of Structure Man

Yes friends, that is me in the pic. Even more surprising, it is actually me writing this. With my – temporary – new look comes a new vigor and plan to write more. Hopefully not so temporary. In any case I’m back! (Voice In My Head: “But we’ll see how long for…”) by Karel Segers … Read more

Screenwriting: from Fail to Sale (5/5)

As a final note on screenwriting, one of the places I’ve learnt the MOST about this craft from is from READING unproduced screenplays. ‘Unproduced’ is the operative word here, there’s little point to reading a produced screenplay, it’s like reading The Lord of The Rings AFTER seeing the movie. (Note from Karel: Some of this … Read more