The 2-Act Structure [Because You Write The Rules]

In an earlier post I warned you about the 2-Act Structure. If none of the structural paradigms offered by the gurus work for you, why don’t you create your own? Here is mine. Every structure model is academic. There really are no rules. Instead, these systems are merely tools to allow us to communicate about … Read more

Best of the Web 24 Nov

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In Memoriam: Syd Field (1935-2013)

Over the past decades, screenwriting education has developed into a multi-million dollar industry with rockstar size gurus such as Robert McKee and the late Blake Snyder. All this really started with one book, published in 1979: “Screenplay – The Foundations of Screenwriting“, written by Syd Field. Syd Field was the first true screenwriting guru and … Read more

Interview: Syd Field

Syd Field was the first true screenwriting guru and his book Screenplay is still a standard, more than thirty years after its initial publication. During his first visit to the city with his name, we interviewed him about his career and craft. Interview: Karel Segers, David Trendall and Niels Abercrombie With thanks to Screen Australia … Read more