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Best of the Web 24 Nov

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[Video]: Screenwriter-Director Josh Radnor talks about Liberal Arts


Writer/director Josh Radnor is most recognisable as Ted Moseby in How I Met Your Mother) but he’s more than a pretty face, as he proves with his second film, Liberal Arts. It premiered and won an audience award at the Sundance Film Festival. But does he also have anything meaningful to say? If you liked … Read more

Best o/t Web 9 May 10

:: Failed screenplays: don’t be another statistic.
:: With so much action, how to balance character and plot.
:: How to pull off an unscripted documentary.
:: Make it rain- for fifty bucks!
:: It feels like everything has been done… because it has.
:: Give your villain his monologue, he needs air time too.
:: Frank Cottrell Boyce says to forget the 3-act structure- thoughts, feelings, concerns?

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Best o/t Web 25 Apr

:: The Matrix: Act I breakdown. Is Neo the One?
:: Get writing. Bring the good movies back!
:: Plots 101: a breakdown in threes.
:: IndieWire’s top 25 independent films to see this summer.
Could your character bio distract you from your story?
:: Find the voice of your series, then the show writes the show.
:: Save the trouble, your loved ones can be your experts.
:: Act II:2, weeding out the theme. What’s your story really about?
:: Great scene to ‘rattle your characters’ cages’: Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous.”
:: “There Will be Blood” Paul Thomas Anderson in the Hollywood Conversation Series.
:: Screenwriting help: how to write numbers in your dialogue.

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