Best of the Web 24 Nov

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Story & Structure

:: Improve Plot and Character Fast
:: Building Original Stories
:: “What is the Conflict in the Scene?”
:: Screenplay Review – 47 Ronin
:: TV Pilot – The Leftovers

Script Perfection

:: 10 Screenwriting Tips From E.T.!!!
:: Nerdist Writers Panel #30: Vince Gilligan
:: Nerdist Writers Panel #32: Damon Lindelof
:: Being a Real Writer Means…
:: The Best Revenge

Pitching & Selling

:: An Interview With a Black List 3.0 Success Story

Best of the Rest

:: Ryan Coogler Talks with Ava DuVernay about Fruitvale Station
:: TV’s Top Showrunners Talk Deleted Scenes, Network Censorship, More
:: Actually, There’s a Difference Between “Binge Watchers” and “Couch Potatoes”
:: 2013 Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship Award Speeches
:: ‘Gravity’ Spinoff
:: Honoring Syd Field: The Master of Screenplay

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