Film School Is NOT A Waste Of Your Time [10 Reasons Why]

Peter Jackson once said “The more you know, the less you achieve.” He is a self-made filmmaker, and claims to have proven you don’t really need film school. Google “Which filmmakers did film school?” – and you’ll find a long list of articles about, and Top 10-lists of filmmakers who never went to film school. Is … Read more

[Video]: Karel on A Girl And A Gun

The Story Department’s very own Karel Segers features on filmmaking webseries A Girl And A Gun with filmmaker Phil Moore to talk culture, script and the insider’s guide to getting a script sold at 17 years old. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you know of a … Read more

Screenwriting: from Fail to Sale (5/5)

As a final note on screenwriting, one of the places I’ve learnt the MOST about this craft from is from READING unproduced screenplays. ‘Unproduced’ is the operative word here, there’s little point to reading a produced screenplay, it’s like reading The Lord of The Rings AFTER seeing the movie. (Note from Karel: Some of this … Read more