Transmedia – An entire forest instead of a sole tree?

I just installed the Drum Media¬†app on my IPad. Why? Because last night whilst waiting for my washing to dry at the laundromat, I read an interesting story in The Drum Media Magazine that at the midpoint suggested ‘there’s more to this story on the Ipad’. by Sam Duncan Now I desperately want to know … Read more

Best o/t Web 29 Aug

:: Character flaws: mistakes must be earned!
:: Polishing your treatment, some advice.
:: The real story on rewriting: get the big picture.
:: James Cameron on the re-release of Avatar.
:: Celtx app on your iPad and iPhone.
:: Writing a romantic comedy? Check out The Apartment.
:: To-do list: working the American film market.
:: When or when not to copyright.
:: Far from Hollywood? Some screenwriting advice.
:: Movies scenes + Cee-Lo’s Fuck You
:: The 101 Definitions of Sci-Fi
:: 5 Reasons why Scott Pilgrim tanked.
:: Twin Peaks revisited

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Best o/t Web 31 Jan 10

:: Structure learnable, character not, says Alexandra S. ::¬†Sundance Film Festival Roundup. :: Peter Kim’s 3 Rules for Spec Writing. :: Play mind games to write everyday. :: How do we go about adapting reality? :: Letter to self: Networking. Relationships. Opportunities. :: Online screenwriting classes, worth it? :: Sounds in screenplay: the rules of … Read more