Best o/t Web 31 Jan 10

:: Structure learnable, character not, says Alexandra S.
:: Sundance Film Festival Roundup.
:: Peter Kim’s 3 Rules for Spec Writing.
:: Play mind games to write everyday.
:: How do we go about adapting reality?
:: Letter to self: Networking. Relationships. Opportunities.
:: Online screenwriting classes, worth it?
:: Sounds in screenplay: the rules of CAPITALIZATION.
:: Low budget, big success. Screenwriter Goeffrey Fletcher on Precious.
:: Tales from the Script: 25 Hollywood screenwriters talk.
:: 100 cheesy movie lines in just 10 minutes.
:: Bigelow about Hurt Locker (Still not out in OZ).
:: Australian films at the local B.O.: best since 2001.
:: Did you see the iPad? So did The Hollywood Roaster…
:: … And so did Hitler.
:: Some more Sunday fun for Sci-Fi fans (via Alex Epstein).


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