Best of the Web 23 Mar

Story & Structure :: Great Scene: “Apocalypse Now” :: “The Good Wife” Creators On Adult Storytelling :: Russell T. Davies on Writing Action :: Great Character: Donnie Azoff (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) Script Perfection :: Ira Glass on the Creative Process :: Brooklyn Weaver on Building a Brand & Discovering New Voices :: Shut … Read more

[Video]: Cryptic Clues from True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto

Could we find a video any shorter than Ira Glass’ exortations to persist? TSD challenged itself to deliver. In an interview so short and sweet it’s basically weaponised sugar, True Detective’s showrunner Nic Pizzalatto (himself a writer/director/producer) gives you a 59 second rundown on why you should probably consider doing something, anything, other than trying … Read more