Best of the Web 23 Mar

Story & Structure

:: Great Scene: “Apocalypse Now”
:: “The Good Wife” Creators On Adult Storytelling
:: Russell T. Davies on Writing Action
:: Great Character: Donnie Azoff (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Script Perfection

:: Ira Glass on the Creative Process
:: Brooklyn Weaver on Building a Brand & Discovering New Voices
:: Shut Up and Deliver

Pitching & Selling

:: Why Options Are Vital To Writers
:: What’s a Spec Screenplay?
:: Nepotism and Network Cronyism
:: The Representation Test

Best of the Rest

:: Clarissa Explains It All and Others Show That Boys Will Watch Girl Shows
:: SXSW 2014: 10 Best Movies
:: Free 2013 Spec Tracking Book and Tracking Board Special Deal!

With thanks to Cameron Pattison.

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