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Story & Structure :: What if your characters don’t want anything :: Source Code: review :: Atlas Shrugged: review Script Perfection :: Screenwriting Tips: Noir | Swearing :: Lessons from Best Original Screenplay winners Pitching & Selling :: Waiting for your script to be read Best of the Rest :: Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED talk ever sold :: Behind the scenes of The … Read more

The Judges: Week 13

In 2011, each week 10 judges will review two short synopses from films that are currently in development. The objective is to all (that includes us judges) learn from the exercise.   Please comment on our comments! photo credit: swanksalot If you have an opinion on any of these synopses or the feedback from the … Read more

Video: Blockbuster Writers

Rarely will you see so much blockbuster power in one room. The topics of discussion: difficult directors, competing against each other, “insane” product placement and selling out. The tentpole scribes were brought together by The Hollywood Reporter.

With thanks to Louise Lee Mei and Adrian Kok.

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Objects In Cinema

What makes a good screenplay or a great film?  Complex characters, desires, opposing forces, revelations; the list is familiar amongst the people who regularly visit websites like this one. by Joe Forrest Objects in Cinema So how do you convey these elements in an interesting, economic, dramatic way? Here’s a quote from Soviet filmmaker Lev … Read more