Making Our Stories More Original.

I have protested that Australian films are often atrocious from a story point of view. And have, at times, received venomous looks for breaking ranks with the local tribal myth that these films are artistically ‘special’, or have some ‘unique voice’. by Steven Fernandez It’s about time we admit that local screenwriters need to lift … Read more

How To Stay Hired

You’ve won your first writing assignment.  Perhaps on the strength of a prior spec sale. Or, more likely, on the strength of a recommendation made by one of your contacts. Good on you! You’re now hired to do subsequent drafts of someone else’s screenplay.  Great stuff! On the road to being a paid professional, you’re … Read more

The Screenwriter’s First Pay Check

You sweated and slogged for months to perfect the script. You’ve fought and bled another few months pitching everywhere in LA. At last, a producer has recognised your talent. She agrees to buy it. Hooray! You’ve made your first sale! Congratulations! It’s time to ditch the day job back in Australia, Delhi or Estonia, right? … Read more

Marketing The Epic Story

Every screenwriter has a blockbuster story that is going to make them millions and catapult them in to the ‘A’ list in one fell swoop. Yet, how do you get your script to the right people? Steven Fernandez shares a few secrets to getting that story made. HOW THEY THINK Are you writing, or already … Read more

Agents: Some Fine Print

A few people responded with valid comments to our last article on agents. Rather than a lengthy response in the comments, here are some thoughts on the agent’s commission percentage and hiring an entertainment attorney instead of having an agent. 1) 10% commission from agents rather than 15% 10% agent commission seems to be closer to … Read more