Mystery Man & The Art of Exposition

Let’s cut to the chase. If you have a scene that’s only about verbal exposition, in other words you have a character that’s just verbally explaining things, like the plot, and that scene is about explaining the plot and nothing else, generally speaking, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, my friends, I know. Exposition is a … Read more

Best o/t Web 17 Jan 10

:: ‘Hurt Locker’ tops Critics Choice Awards :: Awkward moment: Reitman and Turner on stage :: Oscar predictions – The Screenplay Categories :: ScriptChat at the Golden Globes: Tune in! :: In case you had any doubts: Jack Sully will be back :: Daybreakers: Last week we had the twins, today the script :: To follow rules or … Read more

Writing the Action-Adventure Film

Jack Brislee reviews “Writing the Action-Adventure Film: The Moment of Truth” by Neill D. Hicks Michael Wiese Productions. Studio City, California. 2002. 181 pages. ISBN 0-941188-39-6, Price: US $15 NOT EASY OR PAIN-FREE This is a screenwriting book with a refreshing opening paragraph. “There are no magical formulas in this book. Even a 19th century … Read more

Who Will Win?

With four leading best picture contenders ineligible for the WGA award, some say the award has taken a serious knock in predicting the outcome of the Oscars. We’d like to see which nominee you expect to have the best chance of an Oscar win. Cast your vote in our first poll of the year! ____________________________________________ … Read more