The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver

The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver: How to Recognise, Identify, and Define Screenwriting Problems” by Syd Field. Bantam Dell. New York, NY 2006. 363 pages. ISBN-13: 978-440-50491-7 Amazon Price: US $11.56 THE AUTHOR Syd Field is one of the most popular screenwriting gurus in the film industry. He tells us that when he started screenwriting, “there were … Read more

Which screenplay deserves it most?

The noms are known. Some are in, some are out. The survey question this week is not who do you THINK will win, nor who would you LIKE to win. We would like to know which script would in your view most DESERVE the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay? ____________________________________________ [poll id=”5″] Thank you for … Read more

A Screenwriting Revolution!

I’ve been having some revolutionary thoughts lately. And these are beyond the ordinary musings of a screenwriter, such as, “I’d love to see a nuclear explosion wipe out these ego-maniacal fucks in Hollywood.” No, my thoughts have centered more around my long-promised, free, screenwriting book that I’ve been working on, which has been tentatively titled, … Read more