Which screenplay deserves it most?

The noms are known. Some are in, some are out. The survey question this week is not who do you THINK will win, nor who would you LIKE to win.

We would like to know which script would in your view most DESERVE the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay?


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Each Wednesday in 2010, TSD challenges you to a mini-survey that is in some way related to screenwriting or filmmaking. To suggest a topic, send Solmaaz Yazdiha a note and include the word “poll” in the subject field. The archive is here


1 thought on “Which screenplay deserves it most?”

  1. Although it is not on this list (it’s on the other one) because technically it’s adapted from another piece of work.

    In this case the short film, which was more than likely always intended to be a feature.

    I’d have to say District 9 should get the statue for Original Screen play (or atleast the statue for the category it is in)


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