Writing Drama (1)

Yves Lavandier’s book Writing Drama currently rates as the absolute favorite of our book reviewer Jack Brislee. To give you the opportunity to delve into Lavandier’s amazing knowledge and insight, we will be publishing a weekly excerpt from the book. Today we start off with an easy introduction. And a warning… Writing by Numbers: a … Read more

The Secret of Twilight Revealed

ScriptShadow has just published the 13 Secrets to a Great Script. Would Twilight have qualified?

Let’s have a look again at what that story really entails. Warning: we’re not being serious today.

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Battling Premature Resolution?

Like anything premature it’s, well … embarrassing. Whenever you set up strong anticipation, let it linger, keep the audience wondering how it is going to be resolved, then push it to a climax and rather than resolving, introduce a new, bigger problem. A signature mistake of the beginning screenwriter is to introduce a suspenseful plot … Read more