Two Dee Or Not Two Dee

If you go see only one movie this year, let it be Toy Story 3. (People say I might change my mind in a few weeks after seeing Inception, but I doubt it.) Toy Story 3 scores on every level and it scores very, very highly. I have ranted about my experience with 3D movies … Read more

The Dirty Draft

As I write this I’m knee-deep in dirty words. No, not the four-letter variety, although I may mouth off a few if I don’t meet my self-imposed deadline this weekend and finish a first draft of a script. And therein lies the rub. If I write dirty I can meet even the most supernaturally tight … Read more

Writing Drama (5)

What we mean by “conflict” is any kind of situation or feeling entailing opposition. These may be battles, struggles, difficulties and a variety of problems such as dangers, failures, misfortunes or poverty. Conflict produces unpleasant sensations (the physiological aspect) or feelings (the psychological aspect) on those who experience it, of which the most common are … Read more