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Interview: Kaplan on Comedy (3)

Most of Steve Kaplan’s comedy examples are timeless. Groundhog Day is a couple of decades old, Seinfeld ran for nine years. What does Steve think is the most innovating – and timeless – comedy on television today? (Continued from Part 2) Steve: In terms of political satire no-one has done it better than John Stewart … Read more

The Judges: Week 2

In 2011, each week 10 judges will review two short synopses from films that are currently in development. Today: a socio-political drama and a children’s movie. Please comment on our comments! photo credit: swanksalot If you have an opinion on any of these synopses or the feedback from the judges, please share it with us … Read more

Video: Mark Fergus

About the first Iron Man, someone told me they had been making it up as they went along. I didn’t believe it.
For such a humongous production, this was surely impossible. Well, after listening to this interview with Mark Fergus, I must suspend my disbelief.

“There’s a lot of ideas that I think needed to be paired back, as maybe belong in the sequel,” Fergus says and also:”It had the vibe of an indie film. The collaborative spirit and the fun and the tension that you would expect on some giant movie wasn’t there. It felt like an intimate family kinda trying to figure out problems and work through stuff.”

Makes me want to watch the film again.

With thanks to Louise Lee Mei and Niels Abercrombie.

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