[Video]: Neill Blomkamp’s Empty Universe


Auteur filmmaker Neill Blomkamp – writer/director of the upcoming futuristic action drama Elysium and the hugely successful District 9 – has a knack for writing powerful, high-concept films, dealing with massive themes through the perspectives of compelling characters. Where does he get his ideas? Neill gives a gripping special Tedx talk on the probabilities of … Read more

The Most Common Dialogue Errors In Screenplays

After decades in the biz, I see the same dialogue errors over and over again. Don’t make these mistakes. by David Trottier 1. Obvious exposition. Husband: “Darling, how long have we been married now?” Wife: “Silly, it’s been 20 years. Remember Hawaii—the North Shore?” Husband: “Oh yeah, that little honeymoon cottage.” When your characters seem … Read more

Best of the Web 7 April

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