Merciless Logicians …

… & The Sliding Scale of Plausibility. Okay, a question for all the scribes: Must a thriller be totally plausible in order to be entertaining? Many film critics and TS reviewers behave like merciless logicians by pointing out each and every plot hole and logic flaw and thereby rejecting entire stories because of said plot holes … Read more

The Great Voice Over Debate

Yes, Robert McKee is a god. His work is full of power and majesty and inspiration. I love him for his contribution to the great discussion on the craft of storytelling. However, McKee is a flawed greek god who has his problems. He was wrong about Characters Arcs. Plus, he made all the newbie screenwriters … Read more

Write the Shots! (1)

Okay, let’s just clear the air of so much bad thinking about action lines. I don’t know how or why this happened, but a lot of newbies seem to think that a scene is comprised of two or three things only. . 1) a Master Scene Heading (such as INT. MYSTERY MAN’S KITCHEN – NIGHT) … Read more

Secondary Headings

What kind of photos does one use for an article about Secondary Headings? How about some imaginative (photoshop’d) locations thanks to Worth1000? Because if locations like these were in your scripts, you’ll probably need to use some Secondary Headings to get around. I’ve said so many different things about Secondary Headings in so many different … Read more