Bad Hombres, Good Homages And 2 Effective Character Intros

In this video, we look at what constitutes a film homage, and what I consider to be the criteria for a good one.

As an example, we look at a sequence from FRANCES HA, where Noah Baumbach quoted director Leos Carax from his film MAUVAIS SANG.

After my trip to Sweden, I watched the full-length versions of the 3 original feature films in the Millenium Trilogy, based on the books by Stieg Larssen. 

We look at the introduction of main character Lisbeth Salander, and how Steven Zaillian – wrote the adaptation – removed some of the tension.

Finally, I show a clip from RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2, and the original sequence in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid that was quoted in the game.


This is a Facebook preview of a video that will soon be posted to my YouTube channel, to which I would love you to subscribe!

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