Bad Hombres, Good Homages And Effective Character Intros

In this video, we look at a few film homages, and what may qualify as a good one.

In FRANCES HA, Noah Baumbach paid homage to director Leos Carax, from his film MAUVAIS SANG.

I recently returned from a trip to Sweden, and finally watched the 3 original “Girl” films. You know, the feature films in the Millennium Trilogy, based on the books by Stieg Larsson. 

We look at the introduction of main character Lisbeth Salander. Interestingly, Steven Zaillian removed some of the tension in his English-speaking adaptation. Adaptations are not always effective homages to the original work, and here he certainly reduces the emotional impact.

Finally, I show one of my favourite homages: a clip from RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. To compare, we watch the original sequence in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid that was quoted in the game.


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homages in red dead redemption


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