Best of the Web 11 Aug

Story & Structure

:: Visual Mindscape: Anchors, Triggers and Writing Flashbacks – Oh My!
:: Damon Lindelof on Blockbuster Screenwriting
:: Scene Of The Week: ‘Dirty Harry’
:: “Breaking Your Story”
:: Writing Indie Friendly

Script Perfection

:: Watching the Detectives (and the Crooks)
:: 10 Screenwriting Mistakes To Avoid Courtesy of Southland Tales
:: Scene Description Spotlight: “Star Trek” (2009)
:: TV Writers Podcast Ep, 081 – Jeffrey Lieber
:: Scriptnotes, the 100th Episode — Transcript
:: The Un-Rules of Screenwriting
:: Scriptcat Checks in With 3 More Essential Survival Tips for Screenwriters

Pitching & Selling

:: My Process for Reacting to Feedback
:: The Wrong Way to Network
:: What To Do After Finishing a Draft of Your Script
:: When You Sell Your First Script

Best of the Rest

:: Is it Possible to Write While Maintaining a Full-Time Job?
:: Shaun of the Dead Interactive Screenplay Reveals On-Set Secrets
:: The Sophisticates
:: Does a Mentor Always Have to be Right?
:: Interview: Declan O’Dwyer
:: Finders Keepers?

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