Best of the Web 16 Dec

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Story & Structure

:: Symbols and ‘The Matrix’
:: Is Back Story Important?
:: Study Scripts! Armour, Beasts of the Southern Wild and more
:: ‘Django Unchained’ Screenplay

Script Perfection

:: 10 Tips To Smash Writer’s Block
:: Ask the Expert: Sluglines Slugfest

Pitching & Selling

:: Own Your Words
:: December 2012 Pitch Sales Scorecard
:: More Than One Path to a Writing Career
:: How Much Is Your Film Script Worth?

Best of the Rest

:: Winners of the 15th Moët British Independent Film Awards
:: 12-12-12 Warehouse Sale: Gifts for Writers
:: Call for Reviewers for Screenwriting Books and Software
:: There and Back Again With ‘The Hobbit’
:: China Mieville: Why Science Fiction is Not Superior to Fantasy
:: AMC will Re-air all 18 Walking Dead Episodes in Black and White

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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