Best of the Web 16 Sep

Story & Structure

:: 25 Rules for Writing and Telling Stories
:: How To Write A Genius Script
:: First Ten Pages: Horror
:: The ‘Lubitsch’ Touch
:: Script Review: ‘Groundhog Day’
:: 10 Secrets to Writing Success

Script Perfection

:: Be Comfortable with Solitude
:: The Writer’s Block Myth
:: Resources for Screenwriters
:: Go Back to Your Old, Failed Ideas Once in a While
:: Make Time For What You Love
:: Screenwriting Tip #1106 – Just Because Convention Says
:: Joseph McBrides’ Necessary Screenwriting Book

Pitching & Selling

:: From Option to Premiere: A Writer’s Journey #2
:: ‘The Hunger Games’ Pitch Trailer: Pitching Movies To Studios
:: September 2012 Pitch Sales Scorecard
:: Share Your Story: Getting Your Scripts Read
:: What a Film Festival Can Do For Your Career
:: Vince Gilligan on the Ups and Downs of Pitching ‘Breaking Bad’

Best of the Rest

:: James Cameron Wants to Help Mythbusters
:: Power and Ethics of Film Making
:: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Trek: The Original Series
:: Zoe Lister Jones Talks ‘Lola Versus’
:: The Possession Rises to the Top of the US Box Office
:: TIFF Movie Review: ‘Cloud Atlas’
:: Must Watch: Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Trailer
:: ‘Samsara’ Stills
:: Behind the Lines with DR: The Coolest Deed
:: Q&A with Samuel L Jackson on ‘The Avengers’
:: Weird Secrets of The Avengers That You’d Never Have Guessed
:: TIFF 2012 Video Blog: Talking ‘The Master’ & ‘Place Beyond the Pines’
:: The Halo Effect: Why You Won’t Believe Your Heroes Have Flaws
:: Wall-E and Eve are all Grown Up

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