Best of the Web 2 June

Story & Structure

:: Coen Brothers and the Craft of Storytelling
:: Script Review: Inhuman
:: Script Review: Only God Forgives
:: Lousy Ideas; Great Movies
:: Deciding on the Best Possible Movie Idea
:: Trilogy Building Part 2: The Characters and Worlds of Star Wars and Halo
:: Based on a True Story
:: Summer Blockbusters That Broke The Rules

Script Perfection

:: Scriptcat Serves Up 3 More Survival Tips For Your Screenwriting Adventure
:: Amateur Offerings Weekend!
:: What Fellowships Do I Recommend?
:: Why Do You Read?
:: A Cliche Article
:: Emmys 2013 Roundable: Let’s Talk Writing
:: 15 Golden Rules of Moviemaking by Danny Boyle
:: “Extant”: Another Example of the ‘Spirit of the Spec’

Pitching & Selling

:: Managers, and the Generation Divide
:: Own Your Career
:: Warner Bros. Hires Screenwriter from Black List Service

Best of the Rest

:: 16 Ways to Live a Sustainable Creative Life
:: Thoughts On The film: Now You See Me
:: Interview: Chris Borrelli (2009 Black List)
:: Shortlist of Directors Emerges for Bond 24
:: Morgan Freeman, The Man Who Can Do Interviews In His Sleep
:: Hollywood Risks Glut This Summer
:: The Six Type of Writers
:: We’re Leaving Earth at Last
:: 2013/14 NBC Prime-time Preview
:: “You Are All Going to Die” Joss Whedon’s Wesleyan Commencement Speech
:: Filmmaker Report Card – Michael Bay
:: Movie Review – Hangover 3
:: Peter Dinklage Sports a ’70s Mustache on The Set of X-Men
:: Cool Visual Effects Breakdown of ‘Iron Man 3’ Helmet Hud
:: Buzz Aldrin Explains Why ‘After Earth’ Isn’t Realistic
:: Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel, Dark Knight Comparisons and Making Superman Cool

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