Best of the Web 21 Jul

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Story & Structure

:: Arming Your Characters with a Strong Point of View
:: Fridays With Hitchcock
:: TV Pilot – Dakota
:: Great Character – Neytiri (“Avatar”)
:: Screenplay Review – The Trail
:: Great Scene: “Little Miss Sunshine”

Script Perfection

:: Stop Trying to be so Fancy
:: The Ebbs and Flows of Daily Writing
:: Organize Writing Projects

Pitching & Selling

:: Scriptnotes 98: Long Movies, Producer Credits & Price-Fixing
:: The Six Types Of Scripts Least Likely To Get You Noticed
:: So, You Just Had Your Book Published

Best of the Rest

:: Interview – Terrance Mulloy – Part 1
:: Late to the Party, Part 1
:: Bryan Cranston on Becoming Walter White and more
:: My Network Notes for ‘Under The Dome’
:: Interview: Jim Stansberry and Annika Tuneld – Part 1

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