Best of the Web 21 Oct

Story & Structure

:: How to Create a Great Villain
:: Tell a Story to Help You Write One
:: Moon – Script Review
:: Flashbacks and ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Script Perfection

:: Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters: Be a Natural Observer
:: Five Things to do After ‘Finishing’ a Draft
:: What Screenwriting Style or Voice Should You Use?
:: Interview with Screenwriter of ‘Seven Psychopaths’
:: Screenwriting Website of the Week: Raindance

Pitching & Selling

:: What Makes a Bad Screenplay Dead on Arrival?
:: The Black List Gives Unrepresented Screenwriters Access to Hollywood
:: Does Your Script Suffer From E.D.?
:: The Scoggins Report: Spec Market Scorecard as of October 15, 2012

Best of the Rest

:: After 25 Oscars, Hollywood’s BLACKLIST, Launches A Business
:: Tuesdays with Tom Benedek: ‘Argo’ rises
:: IAMA Prufrock451, whose Reddit story ‘Rome Sweet Rome’…
:: 5 Broken Cameras
:: That’s Some Classy Dialogue ‘Seven Psychopaths’

With thanks to Jamie Campbell and Brooke Trezise.



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