Best of the Web 28 Apr

Story & Structure

:: 11 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Casablanca
:: Are You Planning Your Script?
:: You Best Know What A Plot Point Is
:: How to Write a Fight Scene
:: Downbeat Film Endings and ‘The Road’
:: An Interview with Writer/Director Clare Kilner
:: Screenplay Review: Pain and Gain
:: Screenplay Review: Operation Vertigo
:: Screenplay Review: The Purge
:: Screenplay Review: Ronnie Rocket
:: Screenplay Review: False Flag

Script Perfection

:: Scriptnotes 86: Taking Notes
:: Get To Work!
:: Scriptcat’s Shares 3 More Tasty Screenwriting Tips
:: How Long Does It Take to Finish a Script?
:: Screenwriting Product Review: Save the Cat! Software and Book
:: Interview: ‘Mud’ & ‘Take Shelter’ Director Jeff Nichols on Storytelling
:: How Technology Has Turbocharged Writing
:: Screenwriting DVDs

Pitching & Selling

:: The Search for Good Writers
:: A ’66 Bug and This Writer’s First, Glorious Payday
:: I’m Talented—Dammit! Why Can’t I Sell Anything?
:: Why The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest Stands Out
:: New Writer Syndrome – How Much Does a Writer Make?
:: April 2013 Spec Market Scorecard
:: Doug Richardson: A Million Dollar View

Best of the Rest

:: All The Reasons We Leave Earth for Dead in Science Fiction
:: Karl Gajdusek and ‘Oblivion’
:: 30 Female Screenwriters To Inspire You
:: 33 Movies To Watch Out For
:: A World Where You Buy Police Protection Just Like You Buy Cable
:: The True Story Behind ‘Homeland’
:: Nikole Beckwith – 2012 Nicholl Winner, 2012 Black List
:: Watch: Stunning Fan Made ‘Man of Steel’ Opening Credits Sequence
:: Screenwriting Website of the Week: Kiyong Kim’s Blog of Creative Pursuits
:: 12 Fictional Afterlives That Are Worse Than Hell
:: Watch: Mother Nature is a Serial Killer in New ‘World War Z’ Featurette
:: Watch: The Ultimate Blockbuster Trailer for the Films of Summer 2013
:: Man or Machine? The Age of the Robot Blurs Sci-Fi and Cutting-Edge Science
:: My Family Doesn’t Support My Writing

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