Best of the Web 29 Sep

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Story & Structure

:: Beat Sheets and Act Structure for Television Drama
:: Screenplay Review – Maersk Alabama (Captain Phillips)
:: TV Script Review – Almost Human

Script Perfection

:: Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips: So Now You’re a Screenwriter…
:: 35 Reasons to Write (or, Why We Do What We Do)
:: Reader Questions
:: Write What You Know: Roasting That Old Chestnut

Pitching & Selling

:: For TV Shows, It’s a Seller’s Market
:: The Highest-Grossing Screenwriters of All Time
:: Dealing with Rejection, Criticism and Failure…

Best of the Rest

:: Interviews: Producer Jason Blum
:: Movie Review – Prisoners
:: Television Co-Showrunners Guide New Talent
:: Breaking Bad – Insider Podcast Season 5
:: Did Matt Damon Prove That The Character Driven Drama Is Dead

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