Best of the Web 4 Aug

Story & Structure

:: ‘Back to the Future’ Screenplay Analysis and Podcast Now Available
:: The Five Factors of Filmic Subjectivity
:: Great Scene: “Manhunter”
:: Amateur TV Pilot Week – Mail Order Groom
:: Story Concept Suggestion

Script Perfection

:: The Un-Rules of Screenwriting: Joe Gazzam’s List
:: Transcript of Scriptnotes, Ep. 99
:: Scriptnotes, the 100th Episode
:: The Significance of 100,000 Words
:: Two-Sentence Horror Stories are Actually Pretty Chilling

Pitching & Selling

:: The Real Reason Hollywood Makes Bad Movies
:: If a Coverage Service Likes My Script, How Can I Capitalize on That?
:: Another Reason to Self-Publish by Mike Monson
:: If This Script is Flawed, How Did it End up on the Black List?

Best of the Rest

:: What It’s Really Like to Be a Screenwriter
:: My Take on Spike Lee using Kickstarter to Fund His Latest Movie
:: What Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Can Teach Other Crowdfunders
:: Jason Eisener’s One-Minute Long Horror Short ‘One Last Dive’
:: Interview: Craig Mazin – Part 1
:: John Williams on Scoring the new Star Wars: Episode VII
:: Every Day is a Mountain
:: How ‘Breaking Bad’ Almost Wasn’t

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