Best of the Web 8 Jul

Story & Structure

:: Inciting Incidents
:: What is ‘Voice?’
:: Script Breakdown: ‘The Playground’
:: 10 Great Science Fiction Novels with Depressing Endings
The Art and Craft of Visual Screenwriting
:: An Exercise in Understanding Scripts ‘The Dark Knight’ Story Map

Script Perfection

:: Character Naming Tips
:: PACHEW! Sounds in Your Script
:: Superman, Batman and Worldviews
Make the Most of Your Monologue
How They Write A Script: Anna Hamilton Phelan

Pitching & Selling

:: A Flow Chart for Making a Blockbuster
:: Want to David-Lynchify Your Script?
:: Why Nora Ephron’s Films Made Such an Impact: A Critic’s Take

Best of the Rest

:: Michael J. Fox Keeps Thinking He’s in Back To The Future
:: 15 Famous Authors on Why They Write
:: 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer
:: 50 Greatest Movie Assassins
:: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Director Marc Webb’s Film History
:: The Evolution of Captain Kirk
:: There are Only About Half a Dozen A-list Superheroes
Secrets of Beasts of the Southern Wilds
:: Luc Besson Also Writing & Directing the ‘Valerian’ Sci-Fi Adaptation

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