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If you were missing our weekly Best o/t Web, I’m afraid in this instance we’ll have to blame Google. We had set up a great workflow that would allow us to sift through 1,000+ blog posts weekly and bring you the top 1 percent…

Unfortunately Google decided to change the technology behind their Google Reader, forcing people to use Google+. It has made it impossible for us to do the work within the same amount of time we used to. And given that both Adrian and I are insanely busy, we have to ask you to bear with us while we figure out a new way.

I have a few ideas and we’ll probably be up and running again within a month or so. Meanwhile you don’t have to miss anything if you follow me on Twitter: or just click the “Follow Me” button on the top right.

On a separate note, we’re also experimenting with a slight design overhaul of the site. I’m hoping to get this up by 1 January.

If you want to help out as a volunteer or an intern at The Story Department, please let us know! Perhaps we can get this thing going again more quickly…

Thank you for your patience!



Please support us by sharing.

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