Best o/t Web 1 Aug

:: Massive Scifi attack in August!
:: The Opposite of Writer’s Block
:: The plot of Inception as an infographic
:: The Hangover took $100m more than 2012. A lesson?
:: The key: emotion and identification with the hero
:: The Fight Club theory applied to Ferris Bueller
:: What if your stories are offbeat?
:: Nick Cave to pen remake of The Crow.
:: Michael Arndt’s Hollywood fairytale.
:: What to do if you’re an overwriter.
:: The End of History: an analysis on craft.
:: Chris Nolan’s sleight of hand.
:: The art of obsessive keyboard dusting.
:: Sigourney Weaver’s sci-fi geek out.
:: What KIND of story is it? Subgenres and Inception.

COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • Structure: A Bug’s Life
  • Writing Drama: Precise, Conscious and Unconscious Objectives

With thanks to Sol.



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