Best o/t Web 10 Jan 10

:: Idea to script. Five simple rules… Really?
:: “Ass in chair.” “Have no fear.” Myers’ mantras.
:: Emily Blake and a conversation about story.
:: So many story patterns – making it your own.
:: How in the world do I write a musical?
:: Style your story: starting your scene at the end.
:: Three ways to write badly well.
:: To write? To network? Managing your time.
:: Avatar: first the scriptment, now the script.
:: The PDF screenplay of Million Dollar Baby.
:: George Lucas talks on The Daily Show.
:: Daybreakers: Ozzy Spierig twins interviewed in Toronto.
:: Find success in your series – Developing one for the web.


With thanks to Sol.

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COMING SOON to the Story Department:

Best of Mystery Man
6 Avatar Comparisons
Book Review: Writing the Action-Adventure Film



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