Best o/t Web 14 Feb 10

:: Happy Valentine! Mernit and the Revenge of the Romantic
:: Download the Moonstruck script at
:: The Dorothy Effect: travelling to another world.
:: It’s now Denis Lehane, Screenwriter.
:: Bill Martell’s stalker story. Or isn’t it? Part 1.
:: Low budget writing is not always the answer.
:: A 3-act short story in only 52 secs.
:: Psycho’s problem with the censors.
:: Interview with Ben Ripley, writer of Source Code.
:: Emily Blake on character introductions.
:: Chris Nolan’s 3rd Batman movie confirmed.
:: Terminator Rebooted and Recycled.
:: Ratatouille, Star Wars and the need for Perspective
:: Alex Epstein: Conveniences vs. Conventions.
:: Science Fiction writers get better with age.
:: Just too many great scripts to list this week at
:: Alexandra Sokoloff reminds us: What is High Concept?
:: John August’s 10 hints for Index Cards.


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