Best o/t Web 16 May

:: Robin Hood: Robbing From the Poor
:: John August about Theme.
:: Where do you find good ideas?
:: Can a writer have more than one agent?
:: Short(film)Cut to Hollywood Success
:: Facebook: Reality vs. the Movie
:: Gladiator screenplay at
:: When Backstory is Too Much Information
:: Legendary Screenwriters (by the other Craig Mazin)
:: Great scifi fiction novel on its way to the big screen
:: Roger Ebert hates 3D too (as does Alex Epstein)
:: About nitpicking. This is not about your screenplay. Yet it is.
:: Movies shouldn’t be like books. And vice versa.
:: Who are you writing for? Or… Who are you kidding?
:: Inception + Toy Story 3 = Scary Genius


COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • Mystery Man on Melodrama
  • Are you Telling or Selling?
  • Survey about 3D



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