Best o/t Web 18 Mar

Story & Structure

:: Andrew Stanton: The Clues to a Great Story
:: No Dramatic Stone Unturned
:: Screenplay Review: The Wedding
:: Screenplay Review: Winter’s Discontent
:: Rumour/Spoiler:‘Man of Steel’ Callsheet Reveals New Origin
:: Download Hugo Screenplay

Script Perfection

:: Screenwriting Tips: Should your Script have a “Registered” on the Cover?
:: Scene Description Spotlight: “Network”
:: Time To Give Up Your Writing Dream?
:: How to Cut Pages
:: “Give Yourself Permission To Write The Shit Version of a Scene.”

Pitching & Selling

:: Copyright Math: Why the MPAA is Full of Shit
:: Producer Brian Grazer Looking to Paint a Salvador Dali Biopic Now

Best of the Rest

:: Batman’s Greatest Foe? A Gotham He Doesn’t Know
:: The Dark Knight Rises – New Synopsis, Possible Plot Details and Comic Con Appearance?
:: People Have Already Seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
:: If You’re Not Watching Awake, You’re The Reason TV Sucks
:: Billy Bernit: The Practice

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