Best o/t Web 23 May 10

:: Detox your writing superstitions.
:: “Hurry up and wait.”
:: Summer time, bad time for specs?
:: How to pitch a series.
:: Adult comedies: concept or screenplay?
:: Complicating your story without making a mess.
:: Where oh where did Nottingham go?
:: Remake, worth it or a dud?
:: The Empire Strikes Back: 30 Years of Tragedy
:: The Sequel to Sherlock? The Guardian’s Guess
:: What pays is that which most believe isn’t worth the effort.
:: Chinatown. What’s the big deal?
:: Shia Labeouf: Yes, Spielberg dropped the ball (x2).


With thanks to Sol.



COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • Elements of Suspense (2)
  • How to network (in 12 easy steps)
  • 10 Reasons why Novels aren’t Movies (2)

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