Best o/t Web 30 May

:: Alex Epstein revisits The Exorcist.
:: Script Coverage: A Few Awful Truths.
:: Why bad scripts sell. For six figures
:: Do you read outside your niche? Why not?
:: Drew Pears will co-write The Runaways.
:: Each character must have something at stake.
:: Surviving in L.A. (or not): the Tragic and the Comic.
:: Sex & The City is Scifi! (I’m still not going to see it. Not even for work.)
:: Writers are the gods of their own universes.
:: The Truman Show lives on (but not how you think).
:: Why games don’t work on the big screen: Prince of Persia
:: Will Atlas Shrugged (& other Unfilmables) ever get made?


COMING SOON to the Story Department:

  • Mystery Man on Monday
  • Script Check on Tuesday
  • Screenwriting Video on Wednesday
  • Writing Drama on Thursday
  • Steve Kaplan and the Hidden Tools of Comedy on Friday

With thanks to Sol.



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