Best o/t web 5 Feb

Story & Structure

:: How to Write Groundhog Day
:: Screenplay To Screen: The Grey
:: “A Bad Mystery is When Your Characters Keep Asking The Same Question”
:: Story Details for Sci-Fi Sequel Riddick

Script Perfection

:: Screenwriting Tips: “INT. CHRISTMAS DAY — DAY” Q & A on Formatting |
:: Finishing what you start
:: Challenges: Revealing Character to the Audience
:: Levine: Thoughts on Rewriting

Pitching & Selling

:: Cinema: The Noble Art Form
:: How Video Game Writers Get Hired
:: J.J. Abrams Teams With Supernatural Creator for Apocalypse Drama
:: Whannell and Wan Return for Insidious Sequel

Best of the Rest

:: Alien: From The Cat’s Perspective
:: Carnahan Set to Write Remake of ‘Death Wish’
:: The Wire vs. Breaking Bad
:: Gran Torino Writer will Re-write ‘Robocop’
:: Avengers’ Global Twitter Chat Full Transcript
:: Free E-Book: Read the Best Stories from Tor

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