Best o/t Web 7 Feb 10

:: UNK is BACK!
:: Do what works for you.
:: Finding that Great High Concept Screenplay Idea.
:: The carpentry metaphor, about polishing a script.
:: Great you’ve got a TV series, Canada’s asking for more.
:: Playing the pieces of the puzzle,  shifting ideas until they fit.
:: The genre game, what’s it mean to you?
:: Empire Magazine’s top 10 worst movies ever made.
:: Who’s making the biggest bucks in Hollywood.
:: The best practices for index cards.
:: The powerful nemesis, tricks for character development.
:: The art of the plot twist, a look at Chinatown.
:: Life aint so lonely when your characters can speak to you.

With thanks to Sol.

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Best of Mystery Man on Monday
Jack Brislee reviews ‘Understanding Screenwriting’



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